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“My Doctor Said, “Just Live With It”

“I had been dealing with severe hip pain for several years and nothing seemed to help. Eventually my doctor told me I’d just have to learn to live with the it. I could barely walk from the pain, and the numbness in my feet made things even worse. I was amazed that the hip pain soon went away completely. And

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Consistent Care

“I have been several times for different problems for almost 15 years. Tyme is a wonderful!!! I highly recommend him and his services to everyone I know.” Cathy E.

Desperate For Pain Relief

“I was in desperate need fof intervention with a sciatic nerve problem. Tyme was able to schedule me in quickly. I was somewhat skeptical about what relief this would provide. However, within a short time my sciatic nerve was no longer a problem. Tyme was a Godsend to me. I had been having between 6 to 10 episodes of shooting... Read more »

Supportive & Healing

“Tyme Gigliotti is an amazing acupuncturist as well as an outstanding human being. I have spent several years benefitting from his care. Both my physical as well as my emotional wellbeing have benefited greatly. I trust this man completely as he quite literally saved my life. About six years ago he helped guide me through an immensely difficult health crisis.... Read more »
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