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Sports & Orthopedics

Specializing in sports acupuncture and orthopedics.

Improving performance, posture and mood so you look and feel your best.

Our body is a miracle, but when you’re in pain it can feel more like a curse. I know what it’s like to be in serious constant pain. As important as it is to get relief it’s even more important to restore proper function and strength to prevent future injuries and other problems later in life. You don’t want to end up in even more pain and suffering 20 years down the road. I promote healing and well being by integrating my knowledge of anatomy and sports physiology with the traditional wisdom of Chinese Medicine that has been brilliantly refined by centuries of martial arts schools and their observant physicians.

Evaluating you thoroughly, I take the time to listen to you and your experience in order to help you achieve your maximum personal and athletic potential and learn how take even better care of yourself. I address your physical ailments, support a more positive emotional state and reduce the negative effects of stress.”

I originally went to see Tyme over 10 years ago for shoulder pain – he helped with that and so much more, including anxiety, stress, allergies and various aches and pains. I tell people that he’s heals physically, emotionally and spiritually, and I recommend him to all of my family and friends. He is not only an excellent acupuncturist, but an amazing resource for other wellness advice.
– Cathy
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